What happens when a project’s inspiration is Bitcoin and TMNT’s The Foot Clan? It results in a Manhattan block party with a DJ, female hip hop artist, backup singers, and handpicked skateboarders pulling street tricks. We’ll have food trucks, beers for Bitcoin, and several exhibits showcasing the value of different decentralized currencies like Bitcoin and Zetacoin. Volunteers walk the area helping and educating event goers.

Block Party Activities



Most discussions circle Bitcon’s survival rate, but if you dove a little deeper, you’ll see there’s more to it than just Bitcoin. Many new decentralized currencies are spawning everyday, and the ones with the most value will stick around. Bitcoin is the most famous. Zetacoin is aiming to bank the under-banked in developing countries. EtheriumCoin is creating a decentralized internet. Blackcoin is vying for dominance over Bitcoin with faster transaction times and infrastructure. Pinkcoin is fundraising for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The list goes on, and people need to know. At the block party, we’re showcasing creative ways to use a coin, where anyone, even my mother-in-law, could do it too.

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Block Party Activities